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We still haven't found a better way to start our Sunday, so join us! Yoga, Running for all levels and Ice Bath! All this accompanied by an incredible community of people who have the same goal as you: Enjoy life!

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It's Shake Out Time - Global Running Week
It's Shake Out Time - Global Running Week
09 Jun 2024, 9:00 am NZST
Join the RUN4 team for the celebration of Global Running Day supported by Shake Out!


For the first time at Shore Run, we will start the day with a 30-minute Yoga session. To give your mind the start you need, stretch your body, relax and prepare for the run.

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In order to meet all levels of participants, we will have 3 different distances and 3 different speeds. That way you can choose the group you want to join and make the most of it.


Ice Bath

Our long-time partners at Icemunity will be there to ensure that the post-run is a cold, freezing, but unique experience for all of us. Bring your towel and get ready for the cold tub.



Run4auckland community exists since 2019 and is full of people from different parts of the world who share the same goal, have fun, meet new people and run, run together

Comfort Zone

Wake up early on a Sunday, get out of your comfort zone by doing amazing things. Whether choosing a longer distance, a faster pace, a cold bath in the ice tub, or meeting new people.

Full Fitness Experience.

Full Fitness Experience. In an event you can experience Yoga, Stretching, Running and Icebath. All this surrounded by incredible people, good coffee and delicious treats.

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