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We create and manage social media content for restaurants in NZ

Social Media

social media strategy

Social media is arguably our biggest expertise. Just the Directors have on their own plataform more than 30k followers. 

We know how to boost your social media and create a strategy that engage your followers and build a customer loyalty


campaign creation

We will create and manage a social media marketing campaign and advertising to will reach thousands of people interested in your individuality. Our services are created end-to-end since the creation until the implementation.

content creation

To have a great content, we have to go beyond digital.


Thats why we prepare a great media (photos, videos, gifs) before editing and posting on your platform.




Now thats the photos, videos, gifs and editing are done, its time to manage it. Consistency is a key factor in this industry and we will make sure your feed is amazing in the short and long term

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