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One of our projects created from the scratch


Social Media

the spark

How many times your excuse beat you when

you thought about going out for exercise?

How many times did you give up for fear of failing? Because you thought you were out of shape? Because you don’t like the gym environment? Or simply because you don’t have a company to practice exercises?

Run4Auckland is Auckland's first running group exclusively for beginners. They are a group of people helping you to take

a first step towards a healthier life.

Brand strategy

Before creating Run4Auckland's brand, HOA needed to understand who was the idea being created for, for what the idea was created and how it would work. Those were the answers:

  • Who - Running beginners, moms, dads, kids, everyone who wants to start exercising and has no company or motivation.

  • For what - The idea is to awaken the purpose in people, to show that everyone can move. All you need it to want.

  • How - Every Sunday they meet to run. The runners will be guided by two people, one in the front showing the course and one in the back ensuring that no one gets lost and everyone completes the course regardless of time is not a competition.

HOA understood the points and created this amazing project!

Social Media and


We decided to build a look and media that would show Run4Auckland's mission and vision. People of all kinds, smiling and having a good time. We also defined the style the communication would be delivered and which social media would be used

Offline Marketing

HOA went beyond digital and decided to also go outdoor. 

After months of existence, the beginners were not beginners only anymore. They've improved and they needed challenges. Hence, nothing better than a half-marathon. With 2 half-marathons completed, R4A is becoming an acknowledged running group in Auckland.

Moreover, R4A has already done its first Summer morning session with different activities and sponsors.

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